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Real estate professionals Automatize your token financing and emission processes.

With EasyCrowd, launching your real estate investment platform has never been easier!

Save time and money, including our solution to subscribe and emissions from turnkey tokens.

We manage the technical part so that all your energy is dedicated to developing your activity and facilitating your network of investors, promoters, goods merchants and partners.

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The most complete service on the market

To allow you to launch your investment platform quickly and in all serenity, we cover all of your needs in collaboration with our partners.

Project management

Framing, planning, prerequisites, approvals: we work on all the phases of your project to save you time.


Come with your own design or benefit from the experience of our partner agencies.We integrate all graphic and content elements into your site.


Need IFP or PSFP approval?We guide you in your regulatory procedures, in partnership with a network of lawyers expert in the field.

Monetic and extinguishing management

We are working with the payment providers on the market, recognized for their reliability, their safety and their seriousness.We also provide an extinctive management service for our customers.

Operational management and support

Payments, reimbursements, validation of investors KYC: our team manages the whole invisible part but essential to the operation of your platform.


We are continuously monitoring access to your site, regularly apply the latest security updates, and carry out intrusion tests annually.


Your data is hosted in computer centers located in Europe and saved in real time.We ensure an availability rate above 99.99%.


We ensure that your platform is suitable for all screen sizes and all devices.


Our solution can interconnect at more than 40 blockchains, for complete customization of your platform.

Functional partners

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Included in your monthly subscription

Once your platform is online, you benefit from all these features.We develop your tool every month to adapt it to your needs.

Technical partners

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