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Improvement of pre-sales projects

Thursday 27 April 2023 00:00 Fabrice Carrega
Among other new features, in April we improved the pre-sales management system.
Improvement of pre-sale projects

In April, we took advantage of the monthly update of the application to improve the management of pre-sale projects.

These projects allow to offer a series of objects (books, crafts, etc.) or services to the public.

From now on, the stages of the projects can be presented either in units (number of objects financed and to be financed), or in amount. All of this can be configured at the level of each project.

In case of accounting by units, each counterparty can contain one or more units.

It is also now possible to prevent a payment from being made if a maximum amount or quantity is reached.

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Photo by Erica Zhou via Unsplash.

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