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Inclufin : Investment in Djibouti

Monday 04 December 2023 00:00 Fabrice Carrega
Discover the first Djiboutian investment platform !
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Djibouti's financial landscape is about to undergo a transformation with the launch of the country's very first investment platform, Inclufin. Initiated by the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Djibouti, this platform opens up new opportunities for local and international investors keen to participate in the region's economic growth.

Inclufin came into being thanks to a collaboration between the Djibouti Sovereign Fund and the EasyCrowd team. We were asked to provide a robust and reliable software infrastructure, offering a user-friendly and secure platform for investors. By integrating local payment solutions such as D-Money and CAC Pay, Inclufin provides local investors with payment methods that are used in Djibouti, simplifying their investment experience.

Our common goal is to create an environment conducive to investment, while ensuring transparency and compliance with international standards.

Inclufin provides a gateway to a diverse range of investment opportunities, from local projects to high-potential regional initiatives. By offering simplified access to these opportunities, the platform aims to stimulate investment and foster sustainable economic growth in Djibouti.

Inclufin, powered by the Djibouti Sovereign Fund and supported by EasyCrowd's technical and financial expertise, is opening up new investment opportunities in Djibouti.

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