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Developments in June 2022

Friday 10 June 2022 02:00 Fabrice Carrega
We continue to improve EasyCrowd every month, find out what's new in June 2022 here.
Évolutions EasyCrowd du mois de juin 2022

New features and improvements

- You can now disengage the fees applied at the transaction level, for a fully personalized customer experience!

- Improved error handling on return from virtual IBAN creation;

- Modified security settings for widgets that display projects on third-party sites;

- Generation of tax receipts when the "Tax reduction" parameter is activated for donation projects with or without counterparts;

- Improvement of the system of counter-value of the global amounts collected in the statistics.



- Correction of the pre-selection of the amount on the payment page;

- Dynamic display of information for organizations.



- Various security updates have been applied in this release, please contact us to know the exact content;

- Improvement of the management of the blocked domains during the registration of the users, registration with the newsletters and sending of contact forms so that it is more finely parameterizable;

- Routine control of the parameters of the different environments used for the development, testing and production of the EasyCrowd application. This is part of our quality process.


Photo by Maddi Bazzocco via Unsplash

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