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March 2023, it goes on!

Wednesday 29 March 2023 00:00 Fabrice Carrega
We are continuing our monthly deliveries and improving several important modules of our solution this month.
EasyCrowd - New in March 2023

As every month, we are listing here the different evolutions of our solution for the current month.

In addition to a few security updates and small bug fixes, this month we delivered three important improvements for our customers:

- The entire project creation page is now customizable, not just the form;

- A first version of the public user pages has also been delivered, and more improvements are expected in April;

- The administration of blog posts has also been reviewed, with an indexation and the implementation of a dynamic search engine identical to the one used for projects, users and payments. The public index should also evolve in April.

This work responds to the ever-increasing customization needs of our clients with respect to their platforms.

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Photo Glen Carrie via Unsplash

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