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Our commitment to transparency

Monday 05 February 2024 00:00 Fabrice Carrega
Why transparency is one of our core values
EasyCrowd - Our commitment to transparency

At EasyCrowd, we believe that trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. As a company, we work every day to make our actions and our work as clear and transparent as possible for all stakeholders.

This clarity and transparency has enabled us to work with some of our customers for almost 10 years. We are committed to making all our operations as transparent as possible. This means, for example, clearly defining everyone's objectives and expectations from the outset of a project, to avoid confusion and ensure mutual understanding, saving time for everyone involved.

Our commitment to transparency also extends to our work processes. We keep our customers informed of progress, potential obstacles and necessary adjustments throughout the project with weekly updates and a shared project tracking tool. In this way, our customers are always aware of the progress of the work, and can make contributions and adjustments as we work together.

We also provide details of every item invoiced, explaining technical terms where necessary, and guaranteeing our customers a full understanding of the cost breakdown.

For us, transparency is a moral imperative that goes beyond marketing posturing and empty rhetoric. Successful, long-term business relationships are built on mutual trust.


Photo by Max Harlynking via Unsplash

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